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Research article
07 May 2021
Research article |  | 07 May 2021

Non-classical disproportionation revealed by photo-chemically induced dynamic nuclear polarization NMR

Jakob Wörner, Jing Chen, Adelbert Bacher, and Stefan Weber

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Non-classical disproportionation revealed by photo-CIDNP NMR J. Wörner, J. Chen, A. Bacher, and S. Weber

Short summary
Methyl groups are rarely acidic. But in a lumazine derivative with biological significance the position-7 methyl group can be deprotonated. The existence of two protonation states is a prerequisite for a non-classical disproportionation reaction initiated by light. We provide evidence for such dismutation using a variant of nuclear magnetic resonance that is capable of detecting nuclear hyperpolarization. Our findings may shed new light on enzymatic riboflavin biosynthesis.