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06 Oct 2022
Research article |  | 06 Oct 2022

Electroplated waveguides to enhance DNP and EPR spectra of silicon and diamond particles

Aaron Himmler, Mohammed M. Albannay, Gevin von Witte, Sebastian Kozerke, and Matthias Ernst

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Dynamic averaging of anisotropic interactions and its dependence on motional time scales in MAS solid-state NMR
Kathrin Aebischer, Lea Marie Becker, Paul Schanda, and Matthias Ernst
Magn. Reson. Discuss.,,, 2024
Revised manuscript accepted for MR
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Modelling and correcting the impact of RF pulses for continuous monitoring of hyperpolarized NMR
Gevin von Witte, Matthias Ernst, and Sebastian Kozerke
Magn. Reson., 4, 175–186,,, 2023
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Correction of field instabilities in biomolecular solid-state NMR by simultaneous acquisition of a frequency reference
Václav Římal, Morgane Callon, Alexander A. Malär, Riccardo Cadalbert, Anahit Torosyan, Thomas Wiegand, Matthias Ernst, Anja Böckmann, and Beat H. Meier
Magn. Reson., 3, 15–26,,, 2022
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Effects of radial radio-frequency field inhomogeneity on MAS solid-state NMR experiments
Kathrin Aebischer, Zdeněk Tošner, and Matthias Ernst
Magn. Reson., 2, 523–543,,, 2021
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Residual dipolar line width in magic-angle spinning proton solid-state NMR
Matías Chávez, Thomas Wiegand, Alexander A. Malär, Beat H. Meier, and Matthias Ernst
Magn. Reson., 2, 499–509,,, 2021
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Field: Hyperpolarization | Topic: Instrumentation
An automated NMR platform with light-coupled cryogenic probes to detect low micromolar samples
Wolf Wüster, Pit Gebbers, Alois Renn, Matthias Bütikofer, Roland Riek, and Felix Torres
Magn. Reson. Discuss.,,, 2024
Revised manuscript accepted for MR
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A cryogen-free, semi-automated apparatus for bullet-dynamic nuclear polarization with improved resolution
Karel Kouřil, Michel Gramberg, Michael Jurkutat, Hana Kouřilová, and Benno Meier
Magn. Reson., 2, 815–825,,, 2021
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A novel sample handling system for dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization experiments
Thomas Kress, Kateryna Che, Ludovica M. Epasto, Fanny Kozak, Mattia Negroni, Gregory L. Olsen, Albina Selimovic, and Dennis Kurzbach
Magn. Reson., 2, 387–394,,, 2021
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Increased flow rate of hyperpolarized aqueous solution for dynamic nuclear polarization-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging achieved by an open Fabry–Pérot type microwave resonator
Alexey Fedotov, Ilya Kurakin, Sebastian Fischer, Thomas Vogl, Thomas F. Prisner, and Vasyl Denysenkov
Magn. Reson., 1, 275–284,,, 2020
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Dynamic nuclear polarization requires a waveguide that connects the cold (1–10 K) sample space to the outside. To reduce the heating of the sample, a waveguide is produced from steel which has low thermal conductivity but attenuates the microwaves. Therefore, the inside of the waveguide should be plated with silver to reduce electrical losses. We show a new simple way to electroplate such waveguides with a thin silver layer and show that this improves the experimental performance.