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Research article
23 Jun 2021
Research article |  | 23 Jun 2021

Nuclear magnetic resonance free ligand conformations and atomic resolution dynamics

Amber Y. S. Balazs, Nichola L. Davies, David Longmire, Martin J. Packer, and Elisabetta Chiarparin

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Field: Liquid-state NMR | Topic: Applications – small molecules
Selective excitation enables encoding and measurement of multiple diffusion parameters in a single experiment
Neil MacKinnon, Mehrdad Alinaghian, Pedro Silva, Thomas Gloge, Burkhard Luy, Mazin Jouda, and Jan G. Korvink
Magn. Reson., 2, 835–842,,, 2021
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Magn. Reson., 2, 105–116,,, 2021
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Short summary
In drug discovery, ready access to accurate atomic resolution information revealing conformations and dynamics of novel small molecules in solution guides rational design to optimize drug potency and physical chemistry. We developed an efficient integration of molecular dynamics calculations and visualization protocols with NMR conformational analysis of free ligands in solution. Agreement between experiment and theory inspires confidence in prospective computational analysis of new designs.