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04 Aug 2021
Research article |  | 04 Aug 2021

Magnetostatic reciprocity for MR magnet design

Pedro Freire Silva, Mazin Jouda, and Jan G. Korvink

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Selective excitation enables encoding and measurement of multiple diffusion parameters in a single experiment
Neil MacKinnon, Mehrdad Alinaghian, Pedro Silva, Thomas Gloge, Burkhard Luy, Mazin Jouda, and Jan G. Korvink
Magn. Reson., 2, 835–842,,, 2021
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Magn. Reson., 2, 265–280,,, 2021
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ArduiTaM: accurate and inexpensive NMR auto tune and match system
Mazin Jouda, Saraí M. Torres Delgado, Mehrdad Alinaghian Jouzdani, Dario Mager, and Jan G. Korvink
Magn. Reson., 1, 105–113,,, 2020
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We use the theory of magnetostatic reciprocity to compute manufacturable solutions of complex magnet geometries, establishing a quantitative metric for the placement and subsequent orientation of discrete pieces of permanent magnetic material. This leads to self-assembled micro-magnets, adjustable magnetic arrays, and an unbounded magnetic field intensity in a small volume, despite realistic modelling of complex material behaviours.