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15 Mar 2023
Research article |  | 15 Mar 2023

Multidimensional encoding of restricted and anisotropic diffusion by double rotation of the q vector

Hong Jiang, Leo Svenningsson, and Daniel Topgaard

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Transferring principles of solid-state and Laplace NMR to the field of in vivo brain MRI
João P. de Almeida Martins, Chantal M. W. Tax, Filip Szczepankiewicz, Derek K. Jones, Carl-Fredrik Westin, and Daniel Topgaard
Magn. Reson., 1, 27–43,,, 2020
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Diffusion MRI is a clinically important tool for noninvasive detection of pathological conditions that lead to microscopic changes in cell and tissue structures, but this technique suffers from interpretational ambiguities when applied to heterogeneous and disordered tissues comprising cells with multiple sizes, shapes, and orientations. We propose a simple scheme to encode the MRI signal with a sufficient amount of information to resolve and study all properties simultaneously.